vs Array.forEach

If you are working with JavaScript, then you must have come across these two similar looking array methods: and Array.prototype.forEach().

Most of the developers thinks that function and forEach for an Array is the same, but it is not. Lets see some examples:
1. Array.prototype.forEach
forEach can be used just like a traditional ‘for loop’ that iterates each of the array element once.

let arrayElements = ['A','C','D'];  

The above example will generate the following –

The map() function creates a new Array with the results of calling a function for every element of the calling array.

let arrayElements = [1, 4, 6];  
var result = arrayElements .map((ele)=>{  
  return (ele * 2);  

The output of the code is:
[ 2, 8, 12 ]
In the above example we are iterating through each element of Array and multiplying it by 2.

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